January 04, 2012

Nasibak 7aysibak - نصيبك حيصيبك | National Lottery show

THEEEE MOST FUN project ever!!
In Packaging design course (Spring 2011), we were assigned to design a TV Show set for the National Lottery Show. The atmosphere of the show is pretty much inspired by the Syrian commercial ads.

A group project in collaboration with the most amazing friends: Joyce Younes, Sara Hafi, and Dominique Salloum

Host: Mohammad Olaymi, The Great!

1 of 4 scenes 

   The Jingle

stage -2-

The Making of




costumes -2-

the lottery machine

the making of -2-

random -2-
random -3-

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  1. Seems entertaining! would love to see the entire show!!